The legend of the „Eiserne Hand“

Around 1800 a church should be built here in Viersen, where the inhabitants of Viersens could not agree, in which part of the site they should be built in now. So you steel night after night the valuable construction material to each other until it came to a lawsuit. Legend has it that now but nobody wanted to have with the thefts, and so the judge spoke of a sinister “Eiserne Hand” that crazy building material unnoticed in the nights.

The emergence of our House

Our main house was built in 1900 by Heinrich Pauen, the great-grandfather of the current owner. During the war, had it be under rented as a vegatable store, but this could remain in the possession of the family. After the war, Therese Pauen moved back with her 4 children in the House and opened the restaurant in 1952. After Manfred Pauen took over the business and built a hotel in 1985 in addition to the restaurant.

Today, we look back a long time, we have spent in the service of our guests and are pleased that the operation could again passed to the next generation. Today, he is being continued by Stefan Pauen, after completed training as a chef and hotel business, with much enthusiasm and new ideas. By his side, there is his wife Anja, she is the contact person for the service and the hotel after their completion of training to a Hotel specialist and Hotel Operations Manager.

We do something for the environment

… from WZ Newsline – over 100 years: restaurant “Eiserne Hand”

Yellow set off with green, the House by the Eiserne Hand 1 in Viersen radiates the viewer contrary. “This is not just fresh painted, but we have contained directly. The complete front has been isolated not long ago”, reported serious-Stefan Pauen, owner of the hotel restaurant “Zur Eisernen Hand”.

To conserve environmental resources of the chef and hotel business has written itself inter alia on its flag and he and his wife Anja implement consistently.

“I think we were one of the first houses in Viersen, which had a solar system on the roof and with operation the heating of domestic hot water by tube collectors,” says Ernst-Stefan Pauen. He is 36-year old, and runs the family business in the fourth generation, further continues the environmental awareness.

So went a block heat and power plant, model on 1 October 2011 to the existing modern condensing boiler roof, in the operation. About the alternator, the nearly 690-square-meter restaurant will cover 60 percent of its electricity needs, and is heated with the heat flows in hot water within.

Also guest rooms, 10 doubles and three singles in number, have been modernised in recent years. But “modernize everything we attach great importance to the stock.” We modernize sensitively”, emphasizes the Viersener. This is reflected in the garden, in which he has applied a wood terrace just by hand.

That Ernst Stefan Pauen appreciates the tradition is also reflected in the naming of his son. The name Ernst stretches since the great-grandfather of the family. Seriously, the Grandfather was also mentioned and Ernst Manfred is the name of the father. The fifth generation is so named after Ernst Maximilian.


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